chaussures salomon Phoebe English Spring 2014 Read

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chaussures salomon Phoebe English Spring 2014 Read

Postby futianji2388 » Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:48 am

Stay tuned for big things from . It's still early days for the London-based designer, who launched her label two years ago as a newly minted graduate of the master's program at Central Saint Martins. She has flown mostly under the radar since then,chaussures salomon, but this collection ought to change that. English has a distinctively subtle sense of lightness: Here,Chaussures Salomon Femme, working mainly with tulle, she conjured a number of looks that, though gossamer-weight and semi-sheer, claimed force and expressiveness thanks to their sculptural shapes. There was the nude-toned skirt, for instance, draped off a dense elastic band and suspended in irregular gathers. Or the little black tulle pencil skirt,Chaussures Salomon Homme, with a band of white pleated tulle inserted at an angle. The looks here were compellingly askew,Chaussures Hommes Toms Stripe, and English's use of elastic gave them an aspect of real toughness. Her standout pieces,Asics 2014 KPU Chaussures Hommes, though, were the ones knotted out of a hosiery-like material; these were both versatile and aesthetically sui generis. There was lots to build on here.
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