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LED display D

Postby ndz555555 » Wed May 20, 2015 8:37 am

After years of development, China LED industry chain has become more perfect, LED substrate, epitaxial LED, LED chip, LED package and LED application of each industry sector enterprises all over. With two years of LED upstream epitaxial chip cost is reduced greatly, the upstream epitaxial chip, package, the middle reaches of the downstream applications have already formed 1:4:9 market scale ratio. From the upstream investment situation, epitaxial films the decline in investment growth, investment growth and downstream applications steadily rising, we can see that the LED industry investment focus shifted from upstream to downstream.
In order to understand the plays an important global role of LED production base in the Taiwan area, according to statistics, in 2013, the operating status of the 2014 most active four LED enterprises in Taiwan.
All the time since, in the upstream of the LED epitaxial wafer, chip key core Led Display Cabinet technology, USA, Japan, the European Union has a huge technological advantage, while the Taiwan area Chinese has always played an important global LED production base role. In order to break the global industrial pattern to America, Asia, Europe led to a situation of tripartite confrontation, Japan and the United States, Germany for the industry bibcock, Taiwan, South Korea Chinese followed by China, mainland, Malaysia and other countries and regions active follow-up echelon distribution status. Although the international advanced level there is a certain gap between China in LED epitaxial wafer, chip production techniques, but the application of LED display domestic demand for large, resulting in the domestic LED core technology enterprises through the acquisition and increase the intensity of R & D, which led to the gap between domestic and international more and more small, single from the 2014 domestic LED market share floating also reflects this point.
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