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outdoor rentals led display

Postby ndz555555 » Mon May 25, 2015 8:59 pm

Chinese LED display industry after high-speed development in previous years, the current development of the industry is obviously influenced by domestic and international economic environment, the growth speed compared with the past, there is a very slow. LED display industry in China started in the 70's, formed in the 80's, after 30 years of development, through technical transformation, technical research, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and some key technology industry action, the overall production technology has been a great leap in enterprise.
According to the release USA energy department report showed, the light emitting diode (LED) lighting demand will increase by 7.4% per year; as one of the best global lighting market, the enormous potential indoor led display market size America LED may herald the entire overseas LED market is being ushered in rapid expansion period. American energy department report is expected in 2016, American lighting market scale will reach $25100000000. America market is the largest overseas market for Chinese enterprises, as the whole of europe.
The overseas market growth is a lot of enterprises will look to invest overseas, the domestic LED display market if there are opportunities? The answer is yes.
With the development of the domestic economy, the LED display will also increase purchasing power. According to the Bureau of statistics data show, in 2014 China's total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 13%, up by 0.3 percentage points and 0.1 percentage points respectively over the first half of last year and the first three quarters, showing steadily developing trend. Along with our country to accelerate the upgrading of consumption structure of residents, demand for high-end consumer products and services continues to increase, and LED display of high-end Led Display Cabinet consumer market is expected to accelerate the growth of.
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