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Personal Loans

Postby kristiamy » Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:46 pm

A Loan, as we all know is a type of debt entailing the redistribution of financial assets between people. This always involves at least two individuals or entities in which one of them is the lender while the other is the borrower. A loan agreement in most cases usually entail an agreement to pay back in installments, although this is not always the case as the parties involved might reach other agreements regarding settlement of the debt. A loan service is most often generally provided at a cost, that is interest which will be payable on the debt and the borrower, if involved with a financial institution, might as well be subject to certain loan covenants under the terms of the loan.
Loans are generally grouped into secured and unsecured loans. In a secured loan the borrower pledges some assets, such as landed properties to serve as collateral for the loan taken just in case of default. This is usually not the case with unsecured loans. Unsecured loans, which appear cheaper, are generally more difficult to obtain and may be based on the credit rating or credit worthiness of an individual (the borrower), in other words such loans are not backed by any physical object but given as a result of the ‘good name’ or known character of the individual. A major sub classification of unsecure loans will churn out several other sub types, part of which is the personal loan.

An online personal loan is a very convenient way to obtain funding for satisfying important financial requirements. Personal loans can be very useful especially in circumstances when one need an urgent bailout in time of lack or financial insolvency. For example one might need quick cash to purchase certain equipment or to pay off credit card firms with skyrocketing interest rates. Others might use it to cover up the inconveniencies of being broke between paydays in cases where an individual is temporarily unemployed. Nevertheless, another potent reason people patronize online personal loans is tied to the fact that one can use such loans to begin a small business venture and this readily come as a remedy to persons with bright entrepreneurial ideas but without cash to turn such ideas to reality. Whatever the reason for taking personal loan is, you will agree with me that such loans, with its ease of availability, low cost and varied uses come as a respite to people in various times of need.

However, even if you are seriously short of cash or hard-pressed to obtain financial support at any point in time, it would be equally important that one carefully takes note of certain procedures in order not to take uncalculated actions or end up divulging personal information to unauthorized sources.
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Re: Personal Loans

Postby Alex Chris » Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:01 pm

Hello kristiamy!

I agree with your information and moreover,A personal loan means the bank will loan you money without any collateral. Probably won't happen given your situation. No house, so no home equity loan either. Relatives? Long shot would be a zero (introductory!!) rate credit card to consolidate bills, reduce interest and penalties for a short while, and get a jump start to success.
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