Led Display Cabinet

Led Display Cabinet

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Terminal lighting products prices fall, stimulate a large demand for LED lighting market. Reservoir in the super said, 2015 LED lighting products growth driving force is still LED display mainly comes from the LED bulb lamp, LED lamp and other alternative light source products, so the LED price and the cost will be the key account customer.
But in the power of LED with good price just to meet these LED lighting products continued to request for a price reduction, for example, has become the market mainstream 3030 and 2835 LED. The future of LED companies still radiating materials continued to find better, through large current drive to reduce the use of a number of LED, and even COB LED will also gradually been lighting customers. In addition to the LED price, manufacturers have started to pay attention to driving power supply and other indoor led display components, hope that through the whole system design to obtain low-cost solution.
Because the LED intense price competition, so that manufacturers actively looking for new special application can improve the profit of, for example, is gradually being concerned is not visible LED, including UV and IR LED application. Although not visible light LED market scale is limited, can not with LED lighting or backlight applications such as compared, but because of technical difficulty is high and the customized demand and system manufacturers need to cooperate closely, make its high barriers to entry, product gross margin is obviously better than that of white light LED. The current supply chain UV LED and IR LED field is mainly composed of Japan and America and Europe, leading manufacturers, China's LED manufacturers in Taiwan also occupy a space for one person, the expected future there will be more and more LED manufacturers to enter the invisible light field.
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