renal failure

renal failure

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Diabetic nephropathy is closely related with high blood sugar, poor blood glucose control can accelerate the occurrence and development of diabetic nephropathy, good glycemic control can significantly retard its development. Proliferation of mesangial cells induced by high glucose increased and advanced glycation end products formation, extracellular matrix increased, mesangial expansion, glomerular basement membrane thickening.
Genetic renal failure factors
The majority of patients with diabetes nephropathy will eventually, some long-term glycemic control in diabetic nephropathy may also appear good patients. Glucose transporter -1 (GLUT1) is the major glucose transporter diabetic nephropathy on glomerular mesangial cells. Recent studies have found that patients with diabetes, the differences between different individuals of mesangial cells and the regulation on the GLUT1 menu as it may be one of the factors in a part of patients prone to kidney damage. And the occurrence of diabetic nephropathy also showed the family aggregation, in those with a family history of hypertension in patients with diabetes, the incidence of diabetic nephropathy were significantly higher than those without family history of hypertension patients. In addition, between different ethnic groups in the incidence of diabetic nephropathy also exist differences. This showed that the incidence of diabetic nephropathy associated with genetic factors.
Reminder: sure we all understand and know. In life, people should pay attention to, hope to the role in the rise of patients cured, so that patients can get rid of the worry of the disease as early as possible. In life, we should pay attention to seriously, effective nursing.
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