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Postby zhongla2011 » Tue Sep 23, 2014 5:35 pm

ESPN's Ron Jaworski is back with of NFL quarterbacks. He puts and just ahead of among rookies. He's got quite a bit lower, with a chance to go higher with a stronger supporting cast.
Jaworski offers analysis for each quarterback. What he said about the ' was what stood out to me from an NFC West standpoint.
"Kaepernick is the reason I like the San Francisco 49ers to win it all," Jaworski wrote. "Between his arm strength and his foot speed, there is nothing the Niners' offense can't do. They've got the smashmouth ground game, and the quick-strike deep ball. He has shown good feel in the pocket and, like Griffin,Cheap Soccer Shirts, looks to make the pass first and doesn't default to his legs at the first sign of pressure."
Jaworski is expecting the 49ers' coaching staff to have big plans for Kaepernick in the playoffs.
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