Skin problem ? please help what do you advice ?

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Skin problem ? please help what do you advice ?

Postby donaldjerry » Fri May 28, 2010 6:31 am

My skin is had normal color..not so white not so dark but last few darker spots under the eye and on the forehead .. on the nose like that..just the way im living in gulf area which is so hot there..but i dont go out what its so sunny and hot.. im just wondering how thats happened ?
what should i do ? Laser ? or any kind of cool cream ? and do you have any idea about it?
please advice.. THX
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Re: Small online business owner: Looking for short-term loan.

Postby Tristan » Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:00 pm

If you're having a hard time paying your bills, the old adage remains true: you must either make more money or require less money. First, cut out any unnecessary expenses like cable and gym memberships. Then, consider finding a part time job to make extra cash. Look for different ways you can cut costs and stretch your dollar. Then, look again. There's often opportunities you may have missed.
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